“Sh’as a voice that will drown all the city”

In my last post I included a few Roaring Bites: 30-second teaser videos promoting the new musical adaptation of The Roaring Girl. As promised, here are the remaining videos that have been completed to date.

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The Roaring Girl, A New Musical Opening February 20

The Roaring Girl Poster design by Jordyn F Bochon

The Roaring Girl Poster design by Jordyn F Bochon

It’s February. You’re tired. You’re sick. You need a break. What better way to treat yourself than to see something rare, funny and musically original?

The Roaring Girl, directed by Dan Bray and produced by Halifax’s own Vile Passeist Theatre, is a project long in the making. The script itself is 400 years old, but this theatre company has infused it with new life. The show features a completely original score by Jenny Trites, Choreography by Holly Arsenault, and Musical Direction by Emily Shute. Now this is just my opinion, but I think it’s going to be an amazing show.

But if you need someone else’s opinion, just check out these videos created by producer Colleen MacIsaac, featuring cast members who have great things to say about the show:

Stay turned for more videos!

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Buck 65 Zombie Delight Video http://ow.l

Buck 65 Zombie Delight Video http://ow.ly/4cIyc

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Good Advice

I spent a week attending screenings and Galas, making sure people connected my name to my face. Photo business cards, updated website, shaking hands, stirring up hype for my directors and producers.

“But what are you giving back?” asked one wise fellow?

I was stunned. I realized that promoting myself wasn’t about me, it was about my audience. I needed to make them feel like they were getting something special for their time. What was I doing? I was being selfish. I was talking about how I can’t stand to see myself on screen, how I just got an agent and other typical actor banality.

Time to give back. I’ll start posting regularly. And if anyone has questions or needs advice, leave a comment or email me.


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Latest voice over work

After three years of auditioning, I finally landed a voice-over job a couple months ago. It has snowballed and  within the last six weeks and I got two more jobs in commercials. It really helped that I took a short voice-acting class. I had all the ability and work ethic, but was clueless about the industry. I would advise anyone, especially reformed narcissists like myself, to pay the cash for a course or two. Not only will you learn a few things but you’ll have the opportunity to meet people in the business. There were at least two established actors in my class who were there to improve their skills and network.

The first job was a radio spot for ZipEnergy.ca (click to hear). It was a very short process. I auditioned on a Tuesday, got the job on Wednesday and recorded on Thursday. Strangely, I think my audition may have been better than the final recording. Also, they went with my first take during the recording. I did it a couple times more, but they found the initial one was best. I’m told this will happen sometimes, but it is not the rule.

Two weeks later I was asked to come in to the studio for what I thought was an audition. When I was asked to sign the release form, I realized it was the job. It was video motion capture for an Eastlink digital cable web ad, so they didn’t need a voice or likeness. I was glad to make a nice bit of cash on my lunch break from my day job.

Last week I had another Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday job for the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon 2010 (click to see). I was glad to do a few more takes and go over some of the trouble spots on this one. It gave me a chance to really get a sense of what working in voice over is like. The final product is a skillful composite of a number of takes. I also got a sense of how much work and how many people are involved in a 30 second TV commercial.

Hopefully, with a few more media jobs, I can afford to take some time and write a play for the Atlantic Fringe Festival this September. I’ve been meaning to write one for two years now. I think this is the year it will happen.

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